You can share a class code with students to help make sure they select the correct planner.

Some have argued searching by teacher name is easier than sharing a random code. I will not weigh in but will simply say both are available so you can decide :)

Click on Add/Edit. Class code is attached to the period. By the way, we did try to import periods from PowerSchool so most preps should already have classes (periods) but if you do not have the right classes (think periods) you can add them yourself. For example, if you teach Geometry periods 2,3, and 7 you could use the "Add Class" button to create Period 2, Period 3, and Period 7. Each would generate a class code.

To clarify: even though the class code you share is at the class (period) level, when your students enter the join code they will still have to select the period they have your class. So say for example you accidentally share the period 3 code with your period 7. It will not matter. The code will still find the right prep and the student will then select the period they have your prep. In other words, the join code simply finds the right prep.